This Can’t be Archaeology; It’s Too Old

This article was originally published in The American Paleolithic, Volume 1 Number 1 Mick Hager, CAPR Board Member The “New Discoveries in the American Paleolithic Conference” held in January 2019 included presentations numerous Paleolithic sites in the Americas that ranged in age from 16,000 to 130,000 years old. Sites in Brazil, Uruguay and Argentina containContinue reading “This Can’t be Archaeology; It’s Too Old”

The American Paleolithic, Volume 1, Number 1

October 2019 Introduction The Center for American Paleolithic Research (CAPR) is seven years old and The American Paleolithic publication is the newest addition to disseminate information about our continuing mission to find and share archaeological evidence of early people in the Americas. We created CAPR because of a long-standing gap in the archaeological record betweenContinue reading “The American Paleolithic, Volume 1, Number 1”